Rainier or escorts

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Supplies, however, were inadequate. She then shifted to Efate where she offloaded her remaining torpedoes and ammunition; took on empty shell cases and damaged ammunition; and on the 14th got underway to return to San Francisco and another 5 months of west coast-Hawaii shuttle operations.

Arriving on 11 November, just prior to the Gilbert Islands campaign, pr discharged general and ammunition cargo in Havannah Ewcorts into December. On 31 JanuaryMajuro was occupied and work was begun to turn the atoll into a major advance base. At the end of May, she was back at Majuro to rearm the fast carrier forces prior to strikes supporting the initial assault on Saipan. There when the Tonkin Gulf crisis occurred, 4—5 August, she put to sea immediately and steamed to the gulf to rearm carriers conducting strikes on North Vietnamese bases.