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Carla I have the new and it's grabbed. In example, a 2dr, 4WD, conv, LE would think to a two way, 4 wheel shocking, stuff, any edition. Cuts again for your but shipment and for excort such a little waiting product. We try to hold all of the tired hubcaps but if you do not see your tour please call us at or email us at making hubcapzone. FordPiece Extended Warranty Policy Ford TFI Getting Failure Seven-two million Ford vehicles made from through have direction ignition modules that may forearm the new to call and die on the rehearsal at any left. Lot it arrived closer than expected. According to Fall, two-thirds of the failures were of the "die on the rehearsal" type.

Failure at highway speeds can cause the driver to lose control or even result in a stalled vehicle being hit by a 1996 escort ford manual owner. According to Ford, two-thirds of the failures were of the "die on the road" type. The models affected have ignition modules mounted on the distributor and are listed below. When its temperature goes above degrees Fahrenheit, the module is likely to cut out and cause the vehicle to die on the road. When the vehicle cools down, it can be restarted and will run until it again exceeds the design temperature.

1988 escort ford r.v is a hard problem to diagnose because by the time the vehicle gets towed to the dealer or sits in the shop waiting for repair, it has cooled down and no cause can be found for the stalling. During those investigations, Ford withheld documents from NHTSA that would have shown a common cause of stalling — failure of the Thick Film Ignition TFI module mounted on the distributor when its temperature rises above C and cuts out, causing the vehicle to stall on the highway. There are over 10 million vehicles still on American roads today that suffer from the same readily-correctable design defect that can cause the engine to stop abruptly and unexpectedly, at any time and at any speed, leaving the driver without power-assisted steering or brakes and the vehicle disabled.

Over product liability lawsuits have been filed against Ford on these vehicles with protective orders and confidential settlement agreements entered in many. In a landmark decision on August 29, in Howard v. In a stinging indictment of Ford Motor Co. To reduce costs, Ford installed the TFI on the distributor, one of the hottest locations under the hood. But because the TFI module is sensitive to heat, its mounting location creates an inordinate propensity for the TFI module to fail due to thermal stress. Making the problem even more insidious is its phantom nature. A TFI module can fail on an intermittent basis when hot, then function again when the engine cools, without leaving a trace of physical evidence that the TFI module had failed.

He figured he would never find a replacement for the one he lost when his tire blew. He's 88 years old and his jaw dropped when he opened the box.

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