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If one of the Syntheses stands out, it is No. Bliss one-movement rhapsody, it shows an awareness of developments in harmonic vocabulary, at times a less hard-edged Prokofiev femle, at others a Rachmaninov-like chromatic facility with much roaming anchored in tonality. Three internally fraught fragments Chicago female escort melodee bliss an arresting cemale, enigmatic in Cyicago terseness. Sitsky gives the opening tone-row outline plenty of breadth before the inevitable barrage of massive block chords oscillating with discernible melodic motives over bass rumbles.

Like his great contemporary at this developmental stage, Lourie is not breaking away from his time, yet these tracks are like nothing else in Russia from the period — at least, judging from the context of these discs — and much more sophisticated in their elements than anything that his colleague Stravinsky had produced at this stage. At Variation 11, Sitsky employs a different rhythmic pattern to the printed one, and lets fly with the individuality in the final segment with octave transpositions, hefty use of the sustaining pedal that blurs any rapid-fire passage work, idiosyncratic emphases of notes, semiquavers transform to triplet quavers.