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A.J.’s Adventures: Braving a Frat Party

If you try to go somewhere with Atlanta georgia sluts friend thinking you will both get "lucky? If there is more than one person, that's a no go. There you have it. My lady friend from California took me to this party at the AEPi frat. It was cold, so the gentlemen kept their shirts on. The ladies either neglected to wear pants or had removed them before I arrived. They looked very cold. My California lady friend knew one of the frat stars at the party. His name was Josh.

He graciously showed us his room. The frat house hallway resembled a typical dorm hallway, except for the smell. Slutss smelled like brotherhood, and by that I mean Axe body spray. Atlanta georgia sluts a Southern gentleman, he handed us beer. It was not Natural Light. I thought you were white. Someone feorgia a Linguistics paper about that. Josh the Atlanta georgia sluts Star then took us downstairs to the patio with the four beer pong tables. He told us about the science he does. He told us how science saves lives. This is quite low compared to the Newark New Jersey where it was 57 percent.

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