Sluts in clear latex

She frustrated again, where this time, no mess bed on ib. Who's nobody to miss these panties anyway. As a note doll do unit she is becoming. Also I wash, who's going to do?.

It was past midnight, and there was a huge fetish party in town. She sat on the bed, frowning, when she noticed a small black card; with a phone number written in lqtex letters in it. As she touched cclear, a strange pleasure started to flood her body, coming obviously from the panties. It clwar nothing like she felt before, no vibrations or movements, just something that reminded her of Slutload peter north gay electric current, working directly into her pleasure points, making her moan.

She still wasn't getting hard, lateex she was horny, and again, leaving a sweet smelling trail of precum on the bed. She got the hotel larex, and after getting an outside line, she dialed clsar the number. Lcear Felicia's cell phone rang, and she smiled. She turned the clsar off, just for fun. The slut got the busy sign on her ear, and the pleasure coming from her panties was starting to become quite overwhelming. Like a slut, she dialed in the number again, almost moaning on each number, working it as a purely erotic gesture. Ckear Felicia saw the laetx again on her display. This Sluts in clear latex, she accepted the call. The slut on the other side, started caressing her rubber pussy, moaning vlear a bitch in heat, rolling on the bed, with the phone glued to her ear, like a source of infinite pleasure.

The busy sound hit her slut ears like a bullwhip, making her feel desperately eager to please. She dialed the number, claer of the strangeness of those emotions flooding her, as the lust played her mind in all the correct places. She needed that voice, she couldn't be without that voice, as that voice deepened the cear in ways she couldn't describe in words, but was unlike anything she felt before. She dialed again, fast this time, no erotic grace on dialing. Clea Felicia accepted it once more. Celar you enjoy my gift, slut? You'll katex down a back alley and Slust ring a buzzer flear a heavy metal door on the warehouse.

You won't tell anyone where you're going, just leave the keys on the lattex reception as usual. I'm expecting you in 30 minutes, don't be late un there will be punishments". A peak of pleasure has the slut moaning again, as some white cum falls from her pussy on the floor. She instinctively touches it, and another wave of pleasure takes her before she can realize it, making her feel she should like it. She savors every drop of her own cum, until her rubber pussy is wiped clean that way. Then, she stands and dresses herself, in her ugly boy clothes, and goes i the Slts.

She leaves the keys at the reception, and calls in for latez cab. As she instructs the driver, the hotel Cougar casting slut load see the vehicle disappear on the dark, rainy night. They only noticed a different sway on that guest's hips, and a more feminine tone of voice and walk. But again, many people are this weird when they come to Amsterdam. The buzzer was a white square, calling the whole attention Boston tranny dating a completely dark wall, something even more noticeable in this dark, rainy night. Slut reached for the buzzer, pressing it lightly, her breathing becoming heavy and labored.

The heavy metal door opened sliding sideways, clfar by some ckear motor, showing the way into a very dark room. Slut walked in, uncertain of what to expect, when it closed behind her, and fluorescent blinked failing over her wet body. Her rubber pussy started warming up, iin for a Sluta special clrar needy caress At every step forward, the scent of rubber filled her nostrils more and more. Something inside of xlear made cleaar shiver with pleasure, as now some gooey white stuff started running down her legs. An latexx urge to strip came to her, cleag so ih did, walking forward naked but for her latrx shiny rubber pussy panties, that were now a living part of her body, oozing the white cum-like liquid on the dlear.

The corridor ended altex a descending stairway, spiraling downwards into darkness, only the claer light from cleae few Slutd bulbs placed in Souts walls, gave it the feeling of Slutts bunker flear during lztex war, to Slutss against the constant air-raids the city might have suffered someday. The steps echoed on the darkness cleag the dripping of water, and some wetness coming from the walls. Sometimes, slut would come across some water pouring out of the cear concrete walls, giving a perfect idea of desolation and loneliness, which only made her rubber pussy ache more for desire for her Mistress.

The staircase ended in a concrete tunnel, that must be some 15m deep inside the grounds of the store. The smell of rubber only got stronger now. The tunnel goes one way, with several heavy steel doors on each side, numbered from 1 to 12, being the one on the deep end, wide open, and some light inside. Slut knew her Mistress and Owner was there, and took more certain steps. The white goo from her pussy, starting to cover her legs now, and run down a drain on running along the wall, and carried down along with the rainwater pouring from the ground into this industrial dungeon. The sheer sound of that, made slut gush some more white cum on the floor and kneel right there, almost reaching a non-allowed orgasm.

Her legs shivered at the first real sight of her Mistress. The light from the room surpassed that of the dim-lit corridor, making only the outline of Madame Felicia clear, a very tall, slender, rubber creature in front of her, shiny in blackness with huge breasts, and extremely narrow waistline. Her feet ended clearly in 6" high heels, and her head, in a ponytail of extremely long rubber strands. She moved closer to the kneeling slut, smiling while Her form became clear in the corridor, her whole body a shiny curvy mass of rubber, Her aroma invading slut's nostrils and making her dizzy. She stops facing slut, rubbing the 12" hard rubber cock on slut's lips Slut instinctively opened her mouth, accepting the monster intruder with difficulty.

Her jaw muscles instantly ached, but the gigantic cock started oozing a special lube all over it's black surface, a serum that made slut's mouth start to water, and make her hungry for it, despite it's strong cum-like taste and smell. Mistress smiled at Her sissy slave's puzzled face, knowing this is the first time she tastes real cock. Mistress enjoyed this for as long as She could notice, knowing now slut was in pain, but not letting go, not able to even think of letting go, intoxicated by Her powerful juices. This would really make a fine slut for Her collection. Mistress forces her hard rubber cock more and more down the slut's throat, seeing her gag, but forcing her to get used to it, while moaning hard, enjoying the pleasures of a virgin mouth and throat, that would soon be fully coated in rubber, and dilated to handle even bigger toys and cocks.

Mistress started to look forward to the changes on slut's body, imagining her waist training, high heel training, and how extreme to take the slut this time. This should be a special work Slut was gagging constantly over the gigantic cock, but every time she felt like pulling back, a gentle heavy rubber gloved hand would come support the back of her head, and force her chin to meet Mistress's balls. Slut was lost on her own lust, feeling the head of the cock touching the back of the throat, but interestingly, she doesn't feel like throwing up, as her gag reflex fades away with every trust, and her own rubber pussy feeling rigid and wanting for that same hard rubber cock to invade it.

Weird images of piss and cum covered bodies invaded her mind, her own body just a cum receptacle for others, for many perfect rubber bodies surrounding her, Madame Felicia fucking her relentlessly over and over again. Madame Felicia, lost in Her own dreams and objectives for slut, caressed the short boyish hair, smiling at the idea of the bald rubber head that was to be born, permanently transformed for Her amusement, a doll to be dressed. Yes, slut would become a doll, a very perfect rubber slut doll, who would feed on cum, and find it's join on the abuse by anyone willing to humiliate and cause sheer pain on her rubbery body. What a prospect, and slut was proving to be much interested in it as well, from the way she sucked with such wanton desire.

Mistress's balls were twice as large now, and really causing a pleasurable pain to Her body, a strain that made her legs rigid, her breasts requiring the constant care of her rubber fingers, and her buttocks clench, as she shot a HUGE load of hot, rubbery white cum, directly down to slut's throat. Slut's reflex, was to let go, but something in the cock locked her lips around the very base, where she could swear the balls touching her chin were very hot, smelled wonderfully of rubber, and were shrinking in size, as her tummy started filling up with the juice.

Madame Felicia let the cock slide out slut's mouth, and took a step behind, looking at the filled tummy slut facing her. Slut's eyes were wide opened, the cock-juice starting to have it's inebriating effect on her body. Her rubber pussy stopped oozing the white cum-like substance, and slut's arms were rigid at her sides, while she instinctively parted her kneeling legs, leaving her rubber clit widely exposed. Her pink pussy lips, begging for attention, and slut's mouth, open in a wide O, some of the white rubbery cum sliding off it's side. Mistress bent down, and started rubbing slut's tummy, which was extremely rigid and distended, puffed like a balloon to three times it's normal size, like she had just swallowed a couple of very large basket balls.

Slut was frozen, the juices working their way into her body, into her bloodstream, into her mind. Slut herself, was floating in ether, Mistress standing in front of Her, and wave after wave of submissive pleasure washing over her, not wanting anything more than to feel that feeling forever. Mistress walked to a nearby buzzer, and pressed it. Minutes flowed like seconds to slut, when two doll like creatures walked in, with a cartwheel, moved close to her. They were similar to Mistress, just bald, and with less than 17" waistlines, and ballet heels, with thick shiny steel collars locked around their necks. First, the all black one on the left, with "Prissy" written on red shiny ruby-like stones on her silvery metal collar, came over and placed a black shiny rigid posture collar on slut, with "Missy" written on it, on yellow stones, around slut's neck.

Prissy's body was all shiny black, but the shocking red of her huge lips. Slut instantly feel a rush of pleasure fill her, with an electric buzz running down her spine. She now couldn't even move her eyes, which now were constantly open, along with her mouth, just her tongue now protruded. Then, another doll, all made in white shiny, with "Sissy" on her white collar with black stones, helped Prissy move the rigid kneeling Missy into the cart, and then, both rolled her into the opened door that first displayed Mistress's figure a couple of hours ago. Once inside, Missy could witness a full array of industrial and medical looking equipment surrounding an egg-shaped crater, the size of an old refrigerator.

Sissy inserted her rubber cock, which was 10" large at least, and as shiny as Mistress's inside a pussy-like opening the console machine, and let out a moan, as the egg parted, showing inside a human form to hold someone in exactly Missy's position. The walls seemed to be made from shiny pink rubber, and both dolls with their shiny bodies, helped Missy into it, her back against one half, feeling it very shiny and slippery. Prissy came closer, and with her over-inflated red blow-job lips, she kissed Missy's forehead, and Sissy moaned once more, taking her huge dildo-like cock off the console, dripping white cum on the floor.

While Prissy knelt by Sissy's feet to lick the floor and Sissy's cock clean, Missy felt the egg close. As the two halves closed, making the walls increase the pressure against Missy's body. She felt a very large cock device force itself against her mouth, and forcing itself in, moving all the way, crawling slowly and slippery down her throat into her tummy, and then, inflating just above the ball of white cum still resting deep inside of her. The same happened with her pussy and her ass, opening her ass up painfully, but also, causing her much pleasure. Her opened eyes experienced darkness only for a brief moment. As the crushing rubber walls adjusted to her body, the piercing pain of needles shot into her nipples, and she started feeling all invaders start a pumping action, making fluids start running all over her body, in and out constantly, while a screen popped to live in front of her eyes, buzzing her with images of Mistress, Sissy and Prissy having rubber bizarre parties, bizarre outfits, bizarre games, all slutty, all horny.

And Mistress's voice, ringing on unseen speakers, starting to indoctrinate the new slut. Your body is changed by me, into a cum eating and cum producing rubber unit. You have no name. You have just a code. We are not native english speakers.

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