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NIGHT LIFE: Drai's at the W Hollywood

Lost more than you bargained for at Craps? Tell the VIP host how much green Tryst wynn escorts have left to spend and let them make you a deal. But Drai isn't worried. For starters, you can't tote your plastic Eiffel Tower-shaped cup of fruity booze down the street with you, nor can you drink it in a club past 2 a. This doesn't bother Drai either because Hollywood, like Vegas, is full of out-of-town visitors. Aspiring party people from all over Southern California flock to Tinseltown on the weekends hoping for a celebrity sighting or a taste of the glam life they see on "Entourage" and "The Hills.

The uncertainty of the odds will only make the taste of victory sweeter, and Drai is betting that he can make Drai's last. The escoorts is decked out in tall, mirrored columns around ezcorts paid dancers in tiny, bottom-baring outfits writhe and pout; escorhs custom DJ booth Tryst wynn escorts in smooth wood; a rollicking dance floor; a poolside bar; and luxe Moroccan-style cabanas and daybeds. There is also a restaurant -- a polished French and Mediterranean steakhouse helmed by former Ma Maison chef Claude Segal -- that serves lunch and dinner before the club fires up at 10 p. Drai's celebrated its grand opening just a few days ago, but it soft-opened a few weeks back.

The following weekend saw the stampede of business that brought the faithful as well as the skeptical, like young Van de Camp. When you get in, you feel important. As far as Drai is concerned, only the right people get into his club too -- just more of them.