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Anyone else experienced that? Any tip on other escorts Chez nicole escort Nicple who can also lap dance? Chez-Nicole is in the major league. Read my post above. I had another experience with Chez-Nicole last night. How can I contact her? You need a few more lessons in proper spelling and sentence structure. Too bad it was over 25 yrs ago!!!! LOL jm Ottawa I have to agree with thedaemon here.

Chez nicole escort are not adding a lot of value to this review board. We value the comments and reviews from users of escorts services in Ottawa. This is a board where we can share names of escorts and experiences. You use this review board too often just to post your weekly schedule asan escort. Don't quote me in the future, unless you understand my words. I'm trying to figure out how knowing the schedule of one of Ottawa's most popular escorts is NOT useful? Right jm and your 6, word for word repetative shill posts for the same provider have been usefull, how? I invite them to check!

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I never had any surgery to change that nor do I ever intend to. Next time, do some more homework, before you start making false accusations of a person using handles! It is not because it was just created that it is not Chez nicole escort Should I say you are a shill because your handle was created this year and you are trying to hijack this thread to make it about your tranny friend NICOLE!: Thank you JM She was gone for 6 months during the winter. She is most probably one of the best escorts in Ottawa. Sexy, professionnal, can dance, and will do whatever trick you wish to try.

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