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Three minutes later, Lewis called back with a reminder: He was looking for a Los Angeles appointment on short notice, and he offered several Emperors Club regulars as possibilities. She was dispatched to room at a Beverly Hills hotel on Jan. Before Chrissy arrived for the 9: A page from Emporors club vip escort Web site In a call afterward to Lewis, the client offered a review of two thumbs up: I don't know where you get these young ladies. He said he could "get it past my accountant and auditor as a business expense but you sometimes hear of these agencies getting busted, you know, that's my really only concern, that's why I don't call more often.

His plans for the evening of Feb. But two girls were found, and the man - a regular from New York - was appeased when told they "like to have fun. The women arrived at the house, with Dorine sending along word that "they're very nice He arranged a Jan. The man, who paid pounds for the visit, said he'd call back the next week. He called from room in a Vienna hotel on Feb.

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A woman named "Aveline" was sent esccort see the man, whose credit was good enough to ensure "they can take their time this evening Empororss tomorrow morning," said a text message from Lewis. In the end, the date fell through. He agreed to pay for all the expenses tied to their tryst on the eve of Valentine's Day: There was discussion over his credit, and he sent along a deposit to firm up his appointment.