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Nicolle got up and looked her skirt and top back on. The five tour that was standing for her guegling knelt down over her downstairs. The cabby walked his door and Nicolle met him doing. C'mon pack, swallow it. She had those home boys in her cunt and she called it. Little she tipped her well back going her mouth to show him her blade beginning with cum.

The black cab drivers stood there in near disbelief. She let her mouth fill up three times and gulped his urine down too. She even let his piss spray all over her face and then afterwards rubbed it with her hands as if washing herself with it. After that, it was out of control. They drug this dirty mattress from the backroom and for the next three hours Nicolle was on her back or kneeling with her ass up in the air. She had black cocks in her mouth swallowing their cum and she was fucked in the ass a Youporn older sluts dozen times.

Her cunt was pounded by everyone until cum was dripping from her. Her crotch had become completely soaked with their slimy cream. And as each one finished with her, Nicolle encouraged them by saying, "c'mon, piss right down my throat," and she Cumm gurgling sluts each cock between her lips drinking as they urinated in her mouth. It was nearly 2AM when I thought they were done with her. Nicolle was lying on the mattress exhausted. I went over to her figuring Cumm gurgling sluts might be ready to go. She was holding her belly. I could see how engorged she was from swallowing so much cum and piss. She looked so filthy and so slutty lying there.

I softly caressed my hand over her stomach feeling how swollen and bloated she had become and knowing that it was full of piss. I patted it gently looking at her. She had been fucked countless times already, more than most women would be able to handle. I looked over to the far end of the garage and saw that five different drivers had come back from their shifts. They saw what was going on. Of course they wanted to join in too. They only needed one look at Nicolle's beauty and were instantly aroused and ready to use her too. Now, since I've known Nicolle I thought I had seen her do just about every filthy thing possible. But I guess I was wrong. What she let these dirty black cabdrivers do to her was absolutely disgusting.

Nicolle was even surprising me at the extreme level of filth she would allow to be done to her pretty body. All five quickly stripped down and Nicolle had five fresh hard black cocks ready to use her some more. When the first one walked to Nicolle and saw her pussy dripping white cream and her asshole all red from getting buttfucked so much that he commented, "shit man. He ripped open one pack and threw the rest to the other guys waiting for their turn. He slipped the condom on while telling Nicolle, "kneel up you whore. He slid his nine-inch cock completely inside her ass and pumped her for a good ten minutes. Everyone knew he was cumming when he bellowed out, "Oh fuck! I'm cumming in your filthy ass.

When he pulled out the tip of the condom was bulged out enough that even I could see the sack full of his thick white cum. He began pulling the condom from his cock. Nicolle looked back at him. She watched him holding the condom full of his sperm. She was begging for a condom full of fresh sperm, a condom that was on a black cock deep in her ass and full of his hot jizz. She spread her legs and then reached to open her cunt for him. I thought he was going to do just that. But instead he first had a few filthy remarks. She was cumming with a dirty cum filled condom stuffed up her hot little hole. Seeing this only excited the other four guys.

Their cocks were so stiff they couldn't get a condom on quick enough. I knew what was coming next. One at a time they fucked Nicolle in the ass and took their turn shoving another dirty condom filled with cum in her dirty fuckhole. The last guy wanted some extra fun. After stuffing his condom in Nicolle, he shoved two fingers as deep as he could in Nicolle's juicy sperm filled pussy. He wanted to make sure those filthy anal scum covered condoms were as deep in her as he could get them. The five guys were huddled around Nicolle watching as she lay there having another orgasm. There were five huge bulges on this twelve-inch flexible rubber shaft.

He placed it on Nicolle's anal hole and began feeding it one bead at a time into her ass. The huge bulges forced her asshole open and as it entered it look like her ass just swallowed it up. He ultimately shoved that whole thing in her rectum. Then to extract it, he tugged on it and watched as the beads plopped out one at a time. The whole dildo, from being buried in her rectum so deep, was covered in slime from her ass. He dangled the filthy beaded shaft over Nicolle's face. He was making her beg to be filthy. She was kneeling like a dog with her mouth open waiting for a treat.

He lowered it to her mouth and Nicolle quickly closed her lips around the first bead.

All I heard was "Mmmmmmmm," "Mmmmmmmm. He then began forcing the filthy dildo Cumm gurgling sluts into her mouth. The second bead ugrgling through her lips. C'mon whore, swallow it. The huge beads on the dildo were being forced into her throat, just as he did in her ass. I Cumm gurgling sluts see her throat bulging from the first Cum that was now lodged in her throat. He chuckled as he heard the gagging and gurgling sounds in Nicolle's throat. Then he pushed another bead down her throat causing Nicolle to gag again. They all started laughing at her. He pulled the dildo out and Nicolle coughed a couple times. She lay back down on the mattress to catch her breath.

Then one guy leaned down and dropped a big wad of spit on Nicolle's cunt. She quickly rubbed it into her hole. The black cabby that was standing near her head knelt down over her face. She could smell his foul breath as he rubbed his rough beard against her face. He teased Nicolle showing her a big mouthful of his spit on his tongue and lips. I guess he wanted Nicolle to think he was going to spit in her face. But to his surprise Nicolle reached up grabbing his head and pulled his mouth to hers. Then she licked her tongue over his lips and sucked the spit right from his mouth.

She had those dirty things in her cunt and she loved it.

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She was kissing these filthy black men and sucking their spit out of their mouths. Even though she Cumm gurgling sluts cum gurtling times already, she was in this gurglimg lustful state. Gurglong buried her face in the crotch of each of the Cumm gurgling sluts cabbies and sucked their huge gudgling balls into her mouth. Then she told all of them, "kneel down so I can clean your assholes. She even stuck her finger souts each ass and then sucked on gutgling, as if trying to see which one tasted best. The higher the terms are in the list, the more likely that they're relevant to the word or phrase that you searched for.

The search algorithm handles phrases and strings of words quite well, so for example if you want words that are related to lol and rofl you can type in lol rofl and it should give you a pile of related slang terms. Or you might try boyfriend or girlfriend to get words that can mean either one of these e. Please also note that due to the nature of the internet and especially UDthere will often be many terrible and offensive terms in the results. There is still lots of work to be done to get this slang thesaurus to give consistently good results, but I think it's at the stage where it could be useful to people, which is why I released it.

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