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She usually Escort service knoxville aervice clients in hotel rooms - the precise location may vary - and engages in the type of activity that, if she's unlucky, could earn her a trip to jail and a misdemeanor criminal record. Most of her family doesn't know what she does, she says, and she's told only a select group of friends about her profession. While the thought of running afoul of the law is certainly a concern, she says she has yet to be caught and has faith in the screening process that she and three co-workers use. I feel safe at all times," she says. But to me, it's a victimless crime, between two consenting adults.

I don't Escort service knoxville the point in a law that's not protecting anyone. Many of them Escort service knoxville Escogt backgrounds, they could get 9-to-5 jobs, but that's not what they want. They all work through an escort service that's largely the brainchild of Marcus Washington, 31, of Knoxville. Washington describes himself as a left-wing anarchist and advocate of legalizing prostitution and marijuana. He believes his outspoken political views helped land him in prison for selling glass marijuana pipes in Already a convicted pot dealer, he was running a pro-marijuana Web site at the time. His subsequent status as a felon meant he was unable to find a decent-paying job upon his release.