Heater core leak in ford escort

If the rehearsal proves to be hard back clre the upcoming system and were core. Lot the door to normal operating temperatures; then, head the climate control cold and screw for leaks. Steering guess to the door column New doctor wheel arm and torque it to ft. I,ll care into it in the left.

Place the front wheels in the straight-ahead position. Lock the steering column. Remove the steering wheel by removing or disconnecting the following: CAUTION Place the SRS module in a safe place with the front facing upward SRS module-to-steering wheel Heater core leak in ford escort SRS module carefullyand disconnect the horn switch Heayer the SRS electrical connectors HHeater wheel bolt and discard it Press the steering wheel from flrd steering column Removing the screw from the center instrument panel forc panel Unfastening the pushpins, then removing the left-hand and right-hand control box covers Unfasten the retaining screws Hfater position the transaxle control selector dial bezel sideways Unfasten the PCM on connector bolt, unplug the fod and move it aside Unfasten the fford and remove the instrument panel steering column cover Exploded view of the heater core, heater housing and related components Remove the passenger's side SRS module by removing or disconnecting the following: Push inward on the 2 glove box door tabs and lower it SRS module's electrical connector SRS module-to-instrument panel bolts and the module Remove the instrument panel by removing or disconnecting the following: Install or connect the following: Heater core to the housing Heater core cover and the cover-to-housing screws Heater dash panel seal Lower heater core housing, the upper heater core housing-to-chassis nuts and the heater core housing-to-chassis nut Air conditioning evaporator outlet duct clamp screw Windshield defroster nozzle connector's screws, the connectors and the pushpins Vacuum lines to the retainer at the evaporator housing Vacuum control motor vacuum connector Antenna lead to the heater core housing Install the instrument panel by installing or connecting the following: Instrument panel Main electrical wiring connectors located on the left sideand install the instrument panel Upper instrument panel reinforcement bolt and the cover Upper and lower instrument panel reinforcement-to-chassis bolts both sides Upper and lower instrument panel-to-chassis bolts both sides Instrument panels end panels both sides Blower motor resistor electrical connector Lower instrument panel reinforcement in-line electrical connector, located on the right side Vacuum line harness connector.

SRS module and torque the module-to-instrument panel bolts to inch lbs. Steering wheel to the steering column New steering wheel bolt and torque it to ft. On the Coupe, install the air cleaner outlet tube. Last is the possibility that there a is a control problem inside the heater box. There are blend doors that are used to blend and direct the air.

Fix Hose Leaks 1997-2003 Ford Escort

If one of these blend doors is not operating correctly you heating system would be only a cooling system. The cable from the temperature control on the dash goes to a valve on the lower part of the heating system that is directly right of and about the same level as your gas pedal. Sometimes the cable will slip out. It's just on the left side of the heater box close to the carpet on the center tunnel housing. The thermostat and coolant had just been replaced to try to fix the problem. I will check the other items. I,ll look into it in the morning.

If that ball has melted it's letting the coolant by pass the thermostat and probably not coming up to full operating temperature. If you remove the housing you should be able to hear the ball rattle inside the housing if it hasn't melted. If it has melted you need another thermostat housing. I was looking on the other side. My guess, since you feel heat on the hoses leading into the heater core, is that the core is plugged up.