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I decided not to give my girlfriend. They totally got what they were from me and they did a rag job on the note. Even if he isn't picked, you can still felt your slave piece out these sunglasses. Task Six That is making store humiliation.

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Ever since I let my girlfriend fuck my arse with one of her dildos I'd been fantasising about getting fucked by a real cock. It became a total obsession, Messy humiliated lipstick smeared cum sluts as that ever time I had a wank, which was becoming more and more often, I Messy humiliated lipstick smeared cum sluts have to think about getting Baseball bat sluts hard and rough by a man - and the men I thought about were all much older than me with fat belly's or stocky build, they had big rough builders hands, and nasty tattoos up their arms. Id allways cum thinking about sucking their big pricks but then feel pretty ashamed and dirty afterwards.

I decided not to tell my girlfriend. Despite her being a kinky bitch, after all she was the one that fucked me up the arse, she is also very jealous and I think she'd go mad if I cheated on her - male or female. So I kept my fantasy to myself but the more I thought about it the more I knew it wasnt going to stay just a fantasy much longer. My girlfriend was going away for a week for her job and i was working from home and making sure the builders we had were doing the patio properly. The first day they arrived I was totally hungover from a little drinking session the previous eve.

I looked down to see that I was wearing one of my girlfriends thongs, and id obviously spunked off in it, and on the table next to me was one of her rubber cocks and lube. When the doorbell went I put on some trackbottoms and went to let the builders in. As I showed them through the house i noticed one nudging another as they stared at my arse. Then i realised that the red thong was riding right up my bum. I felt pretty embarressed as the three of them stood there and kinda grinned and smirked at me. But i aslo felt my cock getting harder.

It began to show in my trackpants, i made an excuse to leave and let them get on with it, i'd pop back down in a while. Minimum of 5 photos or a 30 second video to complete the task. Cut holes in the shirt so that only your nipples stick out. Go to a store and take a photo of yourself rubbing your nipples while Messy humiliated lipstick smeared cum sluts an ice cream sandwich. Buy the ice cream sandwich and take it into the bathroom with you. Take the top off Facial old slut ice cream sandwich and place your cock inside, then replace the top of the sandwich it making a cock ice cream sandwich and of course take a photograph yourself doing it.

Task Four Before you go to work, put on an adult diaper. You are not allowed to use any restrooms all day and must hold in your pee for as long as you can until you are finally forced to pee in the diaper. Task Five Masturbate using a large amount of Icy Hot or muscle rub and then eat your minty load. Task Six This is lingerie store humiliation. You will be given a typed note from me, sealed in an envelope, and then must provide it to the most attractive woman in the store. You must stand there while she reads it, unaware of the details it provides about your training and task. You will then have to do as she says. Task Seven Soak a loaf of bread in warm milk and fuck it until you are ready to cum.

Squirt your load onto a piece of the bread you just fucked, then eat the cum covered, milk soaked bread. You will need to get the following items to complete this task: Rubber bands Icy hot muscle rub A large wooden spoon Place the rubber bands around the base of your cock, making sure to secure them extremely tightly.