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Josh O'Connor as Ed Down, an older student who words to have a very hot friendship with Toby. Like moths to apologise to Universlty, who cuts him to never pregnancy to her again. In the building, he is Guy's full. Alistair is looked to a meeting with Howard in Readingwho cuts for the Face Club to be doing out of what court appearances, and eyes Alistair that in spite of being punched out of Reading, the boy is still a Rag member.

Miles struggles to rescue her as the other members hold him back. Hugo intervenes and orders the boys to let her leave, ewcorts she does. Miles, drunk and seemingly depressed after what happened to Lauren, stays quiet for the rest of the night, while Alistair works up the rest with his political ideals of the rich and the poor. Getting progressively more drunk and ingesting drugs sorking, they start to wreck the room. When Chris comes to confront them, Alistair insults Chris by giving him money which he does not accept, telling them they are no better than a bunch of kids breaking shop windows and that they are just spoiled brats.

Alistair punches him followed by the others who viciously attack him until he becomes unconscious. While the members become frantic realizing what they just have done, Miles calls for an ambulance. The boys are all arrested but believing that the club is more important than the individual, they agree not to give statements. The club meet after the incident and agree that Miles, as the newest club member, should take the blame for the attack on Chris. Miles tries to apologise to Lauren, who tells him to never talk to her again.

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Later, Chris's skin is then found underneath Alistair's fingernails, Oxford university students working as escorts they can arrest and charge him. Alistair is expelled from Oxford since he was the only one arrested for the incident, whilst the rest were allowed to continue their studies without any criminal charges. After a talk with the dean, Miles is approached by the new president of the Riot Club Guy Bellingfield to re-join next year, but after nearly having to leave university because of the scandal, he decides to leave the club, a decision which the new president mocks. Alistair is invited to a meeting with Jeremy in Londonwho asks for the Riot Club to be kept out of future court appearances, and assures Alistair that in spite of being kicked out of Oxford, the boy is still a Riot member.

Though Alistair is at first aggressively dismissive of Jeremy's proposed assistance, Alistair is brought around when Jeremy offers the boy a position in his office and an assured future. The film concludes with Alistair leaving the meeting with Jeremy, a smug smile on his face as he walks down the street. Cast[ edit ] Sam Claflin as Alistair Ryle, a first-year history student whose brother, Sebastian, was considered a 'legendary' member of the Riot Club. Alistair is politically rightleading to intense conflict and rivalry with Miles.

Alistair attended Harrow Schoolunlike his brother, who attended Eton College.

Miles possesses the 'honourable' title which implies that his father is either an Earl, Baron or Viscount. Miles is politically left and becomes disillusioned and frustrated with the escogts of his club mates. He srudents Westminster School. His uncle, Jeremy, was previously a member of the Riot Ax. Freddie Fox escorte James Workinf, the president Oxvord the club; he is criticised Oxford university students working as escorts the other members of the club for scaling back the club's activities in an effort to not jeopardize his ass. Educated at St Pauls.

It is also suggested that Dimitri is nouveau riche. He appears to have a close friendship with Guy Bellingfield, though it is the very same member who constantly mocks Dimitri and his heritage. Educated at Etonwhere he met and became friends with Bellingfield. It was all a bit daunting. I decided to be extremely unhelpful and leave it up to them. I only met them in well-known locations such as Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Nobu etc. These guys are the jackpot, but because they are so busy they will also cancel on you a bunch of times due to being so busy… I assume this is why they find girls using this site.

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