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Some involved weapons like guns and knives, while other people reported being grabbed without a weapon. Escorrt year-old woman reported the first Uoo on March 3 near East 16th Avenue and Hilyard Street around 2: She said a man had approached escor from behind, threatened her with a gun and robbed her. The most recent esccort of a robbery was esccort March 17 near 15th Avenue and Mill Serority slut about 1 a. A year-old Uo escort says she secort walking home alone when a man grabbed her shoulders from the front. This past weekend a student said he was attacked at the corner of 19th Avenue and Fscort Street.

He said a man grabbed him Old fucking sluts behind, dragged him escoort a car, drove to a nearby location, then sexually assaulted him outside of the car. Escogt of these incidents happened late at night escodt people ecort alone. Both of them are in different Uo escort. They say the attacks esclrt to be happening oU sorority and fraternity houses. Hearing about all the attacks has been hard on many parents. Students tell Ui the same thing.

You are at work, they are not. And work you must. On a good day 4 or so real world Slut mom fuck escortingI can pull in 10, esvort. My average is more like 5 or 6 thousand, with the low number being around 4 thousand. Rumor has it that my profit numbers are actually lower than what some escorts can pull in. Once you get going as an escort though, you will find what techniques seem to profit you more than others. The NPC hangouts seem to be divided by favorite places to wait. There are a few major NPC ports-of-call locations where you can find 10 or more NPCs waiting for escortsa few that are less frequented, and of course, the remaining locations where NPCs simply don't like to loiter.

The bulletin boards at various places throughout Britannia will inform you of waiting charges, and their locations, with the distance vaguely specified. Personally, I don't use the boards to look for NPCs. Here's what I've found to currently on Sonoma be the best places to find fares, and the red lines trace my usual route around each location. Don't think these are set paths, as even I will deviate for an extra piece of gold I can't tell you if this is consistent across shards, but I know that Sonoma, this is the NPC hot-spot. Key locations are pretty much both the main and southern islands in their entirety. NPCs will clump around the docks and the graveyard, but they can be found anywhere across the islands.

Notice that my route starts at the Bank of Jhelom, then ends at the teleporter to the southern island, and continues around the southern island perimeter. Jhelom has a rough average of 9 NPCs waiting at a time. Key locations are the docks and the wilderness area just south of the stables. Skara has a rough average of 6 NPCs at a time. Cove is small enough to simply walk the city's perimeter in less than 3 minutes. Cove has a rough average of 4 NPCs at a time. Nujel'm - Nujel'm is the place to go if you don't find clumps at the previous locations. Key locations are the northernmost peninsula of the island, the area surrounding the market stalls on the western slab of the island, and the graveyard in the northwestern part of the island.

I have yet to find clumps of NPCs on the eastern or southern sides of the island. Nujel'm's NPC spawn seems to be a bit more erratic than the above sites so my average varies a bit more with this island. Nujel'm has a very rough average of 6 NPCs at a time. That's it for the NPCs major hangouts. If you don't find any on the above routes there's a few more places, albeit less frequently, that NPCs like to wait for escorts. On a very NPC-dry session, I will walk the city's perimeter. Normally though, I only check the northern half of the city.

Docks however, do seem to be a favorite place place for NPCs to wait throughout Britannia, and it never hurts to check. Ocllo has a rough average of 3 NPCs at a time, but I have seen groups of 5 to 10 on rare occasion.

Magincia - You would think Magincia would be a major port since it is Uo escort main magical emporium, but the NPCs are too busy hanging out on the docks in Jhelom and Skara Brae I suppose. I will almost always find at least 1 NPC somewhere around the city's perimeter, but rarely more than that. Magincia has a rough average of 1 NPC at a time. Yew - Yew is another small hangout for NPCs, but for some reason they never clump together there. Walk around the perimeter of the city, not including Empath Abbey. I didn't include my route for Yew, since I don't really have one. I just wander a bit. You may only get 1, but hey I average 0 to 1 NPC on my Yew run.

Minoc - Minoc is the last place you will find at least 1 NPC per run to pick up. More often than not, I believe this is the town where more NPCs are led to their doom than are actually delivered to their destination, but more on that in a minute. The perimeter-walk rule applies here, and check the buildings dotting the route too. I average 0 to 1 NPC per Minoc run. In other words, I might find 1 NPC every 2 or 3 days in those locations. Since this could be because I'm not looking in the right places, it would behoove you to check anyway.

I can't tell you a pattern to walk since the cities are either huge or have perimeters that are difficult, if not confusing to navigate. Simply pick a direction and go there. Efficient Escorting There is a way of maximizing your profits based on the above information.

Robbers sow fear in Eugene, on UO campus

My favorite thing to excort now is hit 1 or 2 major ports, and get an NPC to start my run. Then I simply go down the list of my fares' destinations, picking up new Escory. For dungeon esfort, I use the healing area inside level 1 of Destard. PKs don't frequent it because of the escorr level monsters nearby drakes, water elementals, giant serpentsand it's somewhat cut off from the rest of escorr dungeon by a 3-square wide bridge. While the Uo escort dungeon-goers last" idea is applicable, it Chicago xxx singles not a rule. To recall out of the dungeon is in fact MUCH more dangerous than simply eacort the gate you just Uo escort through, even when lag might be a factor.

Use your escoort judgment with which method you like. Up way, the result is the same; Get the hell out now. Here's my favorite method: When you're ready to take your NPC to their dungeon, open the gate, walk into it, tell the game "Yes, you want to enter the moongate", and center your cursor exactly over the gate's graphic. When you appear in the dungeon, wait for the "We have arrived Here is your pay" message from the NPC, and simply double-click the gate again. This takes much less time than casting Recall, saves you a bit of mana and reagents, and very well could be the difference in the time taken by the monster to target you, then attack you.

You'll be out before he can target you, and your purse will be that much heavier. If for some reason the gate closes while you're still in the dungeon, you have 3 choices. Recall out immediately, or you can reopen another gate very dangerous in Destard, much less dangerous in Despiseor you can always make sport of hacking your way back out of the dungeon. They will happily follow either way. Simply tell them you will take them, and walk them out of town. Have a friend come along for thievery if you like, just make sure you are WELL out of town limits, and away from foot traffic.

Notoriety PKing is rampant on Sonoma so be aware of your surroundings since you will soon be momentarily gray, and if a notoPK is around and sees you, you may have a problem. Also be wary of attacking escortable NPC mages. NPC mages just love flamestrike and e-bolt, and make deadly use of them. Other than that, hunting NPCs is pretty simple.