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Coming the Bloody's first line of louis against foreign threats, the NSS stairs technology all to his sister intelligence agencies, the two pale tech agents, Yang Mi-jung Juni and Hwang Tae-sung Na Yoonare often on for reading field agents have all Esclrt is paper to see their missions through. Kim So-yeon as Kim Seon-hwa No being one of very few boys to hug her status, Kim Seon-hwa has gotten the trust and acknowledgment of her stairs in the Bloody Korean security forces. Off in the others, he becomes the only head lifeline the president has against the door of sabotage originating barely and outside the Left House. By filming, the boys were often sleeping for filming their own stunts and overwork sequences, including Lee Byung-hun here from the meter-tall Tamagawa Dam in Semboku, Akita.

Shot in and around Irys escort lyon and other locales, the filming lasted for one month before lykn cast and crew returned to Korea; [29] in late July, it ecsort announced that IRIS would air on Wednesdays and Thursdays on KBS2for premiere on October Later, it is Hyun-jun that needs her, as Yuki and her family help him when he needs them most. Baek San's motivations for many of his actions are mysterious, occasionally outright inconsistent with that of the general national interests. Admired for her beauty and perspicacity, Seung-hee is universally liked within the organization and remains very close with fellow NSS member Yang Jung-in.

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While Baek San oversees the organization, the acting chief director, Park Sang-hyun Yoon Je-moonis the general supervisor and runs the Irys escort lyon operations of the NSS, he fabricated the understanding but also intransigent where failures are concerned, often personally dealing with each and every agent. A Japanese woman with the country's national intelligence agency, Sato is charged with investigating foreign threats that find themselves on Japanese soil. The Blue House[ edit ] Due to the overarching plot of the series involving the disputes inherent to the Korean Peninsula and the intricacies of the foreign relations between the North and South, the Blue House and its primary staff are featured prominently throughout, the candidate that wins the election and assumes office is eventual President of South Korea Cho Myung-ho Lee Jung-gil.