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Only then is it ready for laying under the watchful eye of Steve Marshall, Yeoman of the Glass and China Pantry, who will ensure that every setting is 17 inches apart. Tomorrow, the President will address both Houses of Parliament in the Royal Gallery if the poor chap has not had enough Napoleon-bashing reminders, he will find this room draped in the deeds of Nelson and Wellington. Before the mahogany table can be laid, it must be built - all 68 different mahogany leaves of it. Mr Sarkozy is packing a lot into a couple of days.

Having landed at Heathrow, the couple and their party will be greeted by the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall before being driven to the purpose-built royal dais at Datchet Road on the edge of Windsor. Regardless, all of France will be focused on Windsor tomorrow morning as the Queen welcomes Sarko, Carla and the gang to the family seat. But there is one woman, not on the guest list, who has been causing a frisson of embarrassment.