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When he went there he was shown 4 girls, all good-looking. The charge is Rs. He had posted photos of a very sexy girl, this is why I need the information urgently. If anyone can give me the exact location of this place I will give the Russian telephone number, and one or two other numbers as well. Tea Boy Rish I thank you Your guys point is well taken. In the future I will not post numbers of service providers. She was very friendly. She has a very good figure. I have a contact no of a broker who has a collection of girls. PM me for the details. This is a very grotty road of tenement houses. Many of the little houses seem to be occupied by Muslims.

I did not feel very safe walking down the road even in the middle of the day. I asked several three-wheel drivers whether there is any action here, they replied in the negative. I find it difficult to believe that fairly high-class prostitutes charging Rs. Unless pat on the other forum can give us more details I have to question the genuineness of his information. After failing in my search for FS today I decided to go to a massage parlour. As you enter there is some body-building equipment for anyone interested.

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The real action is upstairs. An oil massage for one hour costs Rs. I opted Escort agencies in colombo the oil massage. There were about 15 saree-clad girls sitting there, looks ranging from 5 to 7. The one I chose, P. She is fair-skinned and short with somewhat European facial features. As she is from the hill country I wouldn't be surprised if there was a de la Narolle ancestor somewhere along the line. The room was okay with an attached shower. The girl gave me a very good massage. When the time came for negotiation I told her what my requirements were and offered a "tip" of Rs. She was quite happy with this. A good handjob specialist will not just grab hold of Teaboy Junior but will pay a lot of attention to other sensitive areas especially around the A-hole.

She will also realize that we don't want to come too quickly. This girl is very sweet-natured and I enjoyed her licking of my ears and face. She worked hard for 25 minutes before I allowed her to finish the job.